VIP In Your Home Pet Sitting

VIP In Your Home Pet Sitting

If you’re going away on holidays, business, hospital or anywhere you can’t take your beloved pets with you, we can visit them in your home as often as you require and lovingly care for them.


In your home pet sitting is a great option for your pets as it allows them to stay in their familiar and secure environment. A fantastic advantage of using VIP Pet Sitting is that multiple pets can stay at home and be cared for together, and all for the one price. Our pet sitting service covers all of your pets, so whether you have one or five pets, the cost remains the same.


We offer a complimentary get acquainted visit with you and your pets in your home to answer any questions you may have and to gather the information needed to provide outstanding care for your pets while you’re away.


 Pet sitting visits include –

  • Up to 60 minute visits once or twice a day depending on your requirements
  • Tick and general health check
  • Basic grooming 
  • Feeding
  • Cleaning and refreshing of water bowls
  • Playtime and cuddles 
  • Walking of dogs (excludes basic service) 
  • Administration of medications 
  • Pet waste pick up/litter tray cleaning
  • SMS updates 
  • Mail and newspaper collection 
  • Garbage bins in/out 
  • Security check of your home
  • Watering of potted plants


 Contact us today about our In Your Home Pet Sitting Service.